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It all starts here!

Posted by Nancy on 10/21/2016 to Notes from the Wood Shop
Each PickNPro(TM) guitar hand rest starts it life as a piece of hand selected Cherry hardwood from Austin Hardwoods of Denver. To make the best product, you have to start with the highest quality materials. This requires risking my life standing on a wobbly ladder on wheels (seriously) - but I need to get to know the wood I'll be spending the next few weeks with, and that guitar players will be relying on for years to come. I'm looking for interesting grain patterns, without too many knots (which are conflicting requirements)! I'm also looking for the shimmer when the wood grains glow differently depending on the angle to the light. While I'm holding and scrutinizing each piece, I'm thinking about my intention - to make the most functional and beautiful guitar accessory which will help people play guitar better. That's why I dig through every single piece to find the perfect wood stock.