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About Us

PickNPro LLC

Welcome to PickNPro! Founded in 2015 by musician and engineer Nancy Steinberger, PickNPro makes hand rests for guitars. The workshop is very small, and each hand rest is individually hand-crafted, finished, and assembled out of select hardwoods in Lakewood, Colorado USA.

A Brief History:

In order to increase speed for bluegrass flatpicking, Nancy would often put her violin shoulder rest across the top of her guitar. This let her hand rock freely, and enabled her to place her pick closer to the sound hole for a great sound. The only problem was keeping it in place. After a few years of pondering, the solution came to Nancy in a dream: Use a piece of elastic string to connect the hand rest to the guitar. Over time the elastic was replaced with a drawstring and cord stop, making the hand rest fully adjustable. The idea has received U.S. Patent 9,240,168 and other patents are pending.

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