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PickNPro(TM) brand Guitar Hand Rest
Guitar Hand Rest - guitar not included

PickNPro(TM) brand Guitar Hand Rest

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PickNPro(TM) brand Hand Rest for guitar (US Patents 9,240,168 and 9,229,327) improves guitar playing accuracy, tone, and speed by giving your picking or strumming hand a platform to rest above the strings. The hand rest gives you a point of reference for accuracy, puts your hand in the "sweet spot" for best tone production, provides comfortable support for a relaxed playing position, and enables your wrist to pivot for speed. It also helps you build proper right hand technique to reduce tension and fatigue. Easy to use.

Quick to install and remove with a simple drawstring and cord stop cinch, with NO MODIFICATIONS TO THE GUITAR!

Each PickNPro(TM) hand rest is individually handcrafted from solid cherry hardwood, sanded to an exquisitely smooth surface, and professionally finished with hand-rubbed varnish. High quality, soft silicone feet support the hand rest, which is held in place by a simple drawstring. The design uses 3 feet providing exceptional support, which also enables the hand rest to be positioned in various locations including directly over the bridge and saddle. It features an ergonomic shape, routered body to maximize clearance height, and choice of drawstring color.

Fits most acoustic guitars. If your guitar does not have an endpin (also called a strap pin), you will need to use an additional strap which can be purchased under "options." The clearance of the PickNPro(TM) brand guitar hand rest is approximately 3/4 inch above the top of the guitar. A 1/4 inch spacer can be added to increase the clearance height at no additional charge (select "foot with spacer" under "options"). Clearance with the optional spacer is approximately 1.0 inch.

For Electric Guitars and Basses - check to make sure there is room for the foot of the hand rest between tone and volume knobs. Use with whammy bars is not recommended, since the bar may interfere with the drawstring.

Made in USA. 30-day money back guarantee (except shipping and handling).

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